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We make sure every feature in Tahsk is a complete breeze to use, with super simple and obvious user design


We understand speed is a core feature and will always prioritise it above fluff features


We think hard about how to solve problems for everyone without having a ridiculous and bloated user interface

Never get trapped trying to combine epics

We allow infinitely nesting tasks as we believe no-one knows how many levels they will need in advance. This is the only way to escape sub-task hell.

Save hours of time trying to keep your tasks organised

Now everything is a task, you can drag and drop however you like when you find you want to re-order your tasks.

Avoid days wasted maintaining gantt and resource charts

Just let your developers create tasks and estimate the time, and we'll automatically generate when the project should be done

Always know the answers to stakeholder questions

We show all tasks completed, re-estimated and added since a date of your choosing. This along with our gantt and resource charts allow you to always answer the questions: why has the deadline increased? And what have we done since last week?


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